Professional Wildlife Removal Services in San Diego, CA

At MR Wildlife Removal, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality removal services throughout the San Diego area. We are committed to removing problematic wildlife through effective and humane techniques, focused on strong service and an even stronger resolution to fix your wildlife issues.

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Wildlife Removal Experts in San Diego, CA

We specialize in wildlife control and removal, a task best left to our experts. Removing troublesome wildlife is not only incredibly difficult without the right tools, but special training is required to understand the best ways to control or capture some animals. In addition to that, many animals are federally or locally protected, meaning that without the right precautions, removing these wildlife animals may become a crime. MR Wildlife Removal is licensed by the state of California to operate within the general San Diego area, and throughout California, meaning our services are recognized as some of the best and most effective, within the state.

Professional Wildlife Removal Company

MR Wildlife Removal is a diversified wildlife removal and control company, meaning we provide services with humane and professional ways of removing problematic wildlife. Whether you need raccoon removal, rodent control, bird control, snake removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, skunk removal, or opossum removal, our experts have you covered!

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Our serviceable areas, San Diego, and neighboring counties are home to a fast-growing population, one that expands both within cities and with growing land uses. As the resident population of San Diego grows, so does the wildlife population, a growing issue for residents. The animals of California are varied and adapt quickly, especially within urban environments, meaning the issue only gets worse as time goes on. That is why we are here to provide our professional services to your attics, foundations, yards, and more.

Wildlife control and removal services typically involve

typically, we start with looking for points of entry, the animal’s home, and whether there are any immediate solutions, such as securing a door.

 after your property has been inspected, we focus on locating the animal or its most recent living space, oftentimes near the edge of your property.

 if the wildlife animal had caused any damage to your property, our experts determine the extent of the damage, looking for potential reasons for entry, such as leftover scraps or open garbage cans.

our team takes care of removing the problematic wildlife in a professional and humane method, usually relocating the animal to an alternative den.

we take care of biohazard removal, ridding your property of potential fleas, urine, feces, chemicals, or other issues. 

Preventing future re-entry: ultimately, our experts take care of the animal’s entry method, working with you to remove any possible reasons for an animal to invade your property, such as open food or mismanaged yard care.


If you have a wildlife issue in or near your home, it is universally recommended to not attempt to take care of it yourself. Wildlife removal and control can be incredibly dangerous, one reason why it is best to leave it to our experts. We know all the tips and tricks to safely remove troublesome wildlife, ensuring they are safely released back into the environment in a way that means they will not disrupt urban environments again.

While invasive wildlife may be annoying thanks to the potential problems they bring, they are still animals. As such, MR Wildlife Removal focuses on providing solutions to your wildlife problems in a way that safely prevents them from returning. It is important to let the professionals take care of wildlife, instead of using lethal traps or hurting yourself in an attempt to capture the animal. These animals are often essential to local food chains, meaning that capturing and killing a wild animal may cause even more harmful species to grow in numbers.
The experts here at MR Wildlife Removal are not just trained in ways to remove wildlife, they also have the experience and know-how to assess and remove the dangers of wildlife animals. Wildlife may return in greater numbers, come back and damage more property, or even carry infectious diseases. We understand it can be hard to remember that removing wildlife is only one part of the problem.

It is incredibly important to remember that removing animals safely requires you to remove biohazards they may have brought to your property. Our experts are trained in handling these often dangerous toxins, a task that is none too easy without the proper equipment and knowledge. In addition to safely removing the pesky animals from your property, we will also make sure to protect your home from potential future invasions, keeping wildlife and their potential dangers within the animal world.