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About Us

MR Wildlife Removal is a leading wild animal control and removal company within the San Diego area. Our specialized services and staff take care of all your animal issues, providing humane and effective animal control. Animal control is incredibly common throughout the United States, and even California in general, one reason why we are focused on giving the best service. Our removal techniques stand out amongst the industry, as we focus on ensuring the captured animals are not only controlled humanely and safely but also removed to an environmentally friendly area. Many of the animals we provide services for require permission from the state due to their often dangerous and vulnerable aspects, and as such, we decided to design methods to take care of removing these animals safely and effectively from your property.

MR Wildlife Removal

We focus on providing the highest quality animal control and removal services, including on the customer aspects and capturing methods. MR Wildlife Removal believes in taking care of wild animals whenever possible, meaning that our experts utilize the most effective and humane capturing techniques available. Our varied animal services mean that you can count on dependable quality during capture and removal, no matter the invading animal.

Our team members pride themselves on their know-how and skills in taking care of animal situations with care and dependability. The services we provide are licensed by the state of California, built on superior servicing and great customer interactions. We offer 8 professional services, including:

Services We Offer

Each of these services holds up to our standards of the highest quality service, sacrificing no quality on our methods. In addition to our high quality, MR Wildlife Removal is built around our consistent and caring methods to control and remove each animal, with unique tactics designed around each type. Every wild animal is different, and it is important to our team to know how to best take care of each animal in their own way.

MR Wildlife Removal places a focus on our services and customer service over all else, meaning that we will not provide subpar quality for any service visit or activity. Even with eight major removal and control services, we strive for the highest quality and techniques for each individual animal.