Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Southern California is home to a wide variety of bat species, all of which could potentially nest within your property. Whether you love or have nocturnal creatures, it is important to seek professional help controlling and removing any invasive bat populations. MR Wildlife Removal provides expert solutions to humanely control and remove a variety of animal species, including bats. These insect-eating wild animals love the dark, leading to them invading dark home corners and attics.


We offer services to remove and prevent bats from reentering your property, cleaning up and securing repairs, along with disinfecting and removing any potentially dangerous biohazards left behind. Unlike many other animal species, bats cannot be easily trapped and removed, meaning that services such as ours, are required to flush out bats to prevent them from returning. Bats are a particularly important species, and as such, it is important to properly remove them.

Our services focus on removing and preventing bats from reentering your property, a task not easily accomplished without professional tools and knowledge. Bats can pose a danger to humans; thanks to the various diseases the animals can carry. In fact, the bats’ droppings alone, can contaminate soils with fungus, on top of the high chance of rabies in bats. MR Wildlife Removal has a team of experts, who can effectively remove bats while also disinfecting and ridding your property of potentially dangerous bat droppings and diseases.

It is especially important to leave bat control to our professionals, thanks to the likely large count of bats, their high chance for rabies, the potential for fungus in their droppings, and the lack of traps for them. A bat control service visit would likely begin with investigating your property. Finding every home and entrance point for a bat is important, as properties cannot be secured if an open point is available. Our experts then locate the bats themselves, before removing them by closing off alternative entrances. Once the bats leave their home, we will take care to prevent them, or other animals, from reentering, cleaning up their hazardous waste along the way. 

MR Wildlife Removal is the team to call, state-licensed with experts that have experience in removing tricky animals such as bats. We will remove your bat problem, effectively and humanely, in addition to working on stopping additional bats or species from taking their place.

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