Bird Removal

Birds are best known as beacons of freedom and liberty, but people rarely think about all the problems these animals can cause.

Effective Bird Control

Birds may be a regular site for many living in San Diego County, but an infestation of these animals can lead to some serious issues. Wild birds can often carry diseases, harmful to people, with infestations often leading to illnesses or extensive property damage. That’s why a bird infestation might end up being more than just annoying. The experts at MR Wildlife Removal have the skills and know-how to remove these birds from your property. Whether it’s a pigeon, swallow, or other bird infestation, we can get them off your property permanently. Our experts use professional detergents and solutions to remove birds effectively and humanely from your property and prevent them from coming back.

MR Wildlife Removal offers services to control and/or remove birds throughout San Diego and surrounding counties. Our experts take care of controlling and evicting invading bird populations, harmlessly and efficiently. We handle control of many bird species, from pigeons to owls, following local and federal regulations to ensure we can solve all of your bird removal needs. Controlling and removing invasive bird populations is the top priority for our services, but our experts also locate the invading birds’ entry points and current homes, prevent future entry, and provide useful discouragement for future birds.

Why is bird control important?

  • Birds, as well as their droppings and nesting materials, can carry infectious diseases and parasites transmittable to humans.
  • Bird droppings are incredibly acidic and can cause permanent acid damage to structures and materials, if not taken care of.
  • Cleaning up after invading bird populations can cost upwards of several thousand dollars annually.
  • Birds can act aggressively and attack when provoked, potentially spreading a disease or attracting more birds.

Our team controls and removes birds in different ways depending on the type of bird and the current conditions of your property. MR Wildlife Removal may begin a visit with a quick inspection for immediate hazards or solutions, before conducting a detailed survey of your property. Once feeding and water locations, nesting, and entrance areas are discovered, we offer a variety of solutions to prevent or remove birds from returning. These range from modifying their habitat, whether with repellants, physical blockage, or more, to mechanical traps, which disorient birds to allow their capture and removal from your property.

Throughout all these techniques, our professional team provides the best services available, using their knowledge and skills to carefully capture and remove the invading birds from your property. It’s important to let the professionals take care of animal capture, as anything could go wrong without the right precautions. Remember, birds can house several types of infectious diseases and parasites, both of which are virtually impossible to protect against without the right equipment.

When capturing the birds, we will thoroughly disinfect and remove potential biohazards, inform you of damages and potential fixes, remove nests and add measures to discourage the birds from returning. MR Wildlife Removal has your bird control needs covered, as we provide the best services to control and prevent bird populations from your property, including their potential return in the future.

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