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Our prices and services are only provided by us over the phone. MR Wildlife Removal decides prices based on a combination of different factors, meaning that we cannot provide a strict price for every situation. In addition to different prices, there is also a variety of jobs, depending on the wild animal, the damage they have done to your property, your property type, and more. That is why it is the easiest way for us to give you a quote and the most accurate service possible over the phone.

To receive the best wildlife removal service for you, you simply need to call us, provide details about your property and your wildlife issue, and we will give you an upfront price estimate. These estimates are obviously just such estimates, although there is no guarantee until our experts can see what they are up against. If you like what you hear, then you can schedule an appointment with us, and we will determine the final price on-site.

MR Wildlife Removal is dedicated to providing you the best service we can, so we’ll make sure you receive the best pricing to suit your removal needs. We understand that animal removal can seem costly at times, which can affect your want for our services, so we strive to give you an excellent deal. 

Our services provide a long-term solution to both short-term and long-term animal problems, and we will make sure you will get more than your money’s worth in the future. Remember, attempting to take care of these animals on your own can result in major issues, whether from property damage, potential biohazards, or more. San Diego is full of both benign and harmful wild animals, so if you manage to succeed in removing your wild animal, you do not know what might take its place.

It is important to contact wildlife professionals instead of taking matters into your own hands, as our team at MR Wildlife Removal have:

  • Licensing and Professional Certifications: MR Wildlife Removal is licensed by the State of California to provide wildlife removal services, and our experts have legal certification to accurately take care of wild animals.
  • Insurance: Our team holds liability insurance to protect our experts and yourself against potential damages or incidents when dealing with the dangerous aspects of removal.
  • Risk-Management: Wild animal removal is an incredibly dangerous job, with the potential for falls, bites, scratches, infections, parasites, fungi, and much more. Our experts know the risks and how to protect themselves from them.
  • Training: Wildlife removal is not an easy thing, with multiple certifications and licensed training requirements. Many of our professional staff hold several years’ worth of experience.
  • Professional Equipment: Having the knowledge to capture and keep out a wild animal is not all; our team has the equipment to safely contain wildlife, remove it, and prevent re-entry of any species onto your property.

Remember, our prices reflect the conditions in San Diego, the variety of wild animals on your property, and the expertise, proper equipment, and legal provisions provided by our team. MR Wildlife Removal’s team is only one phone call away!

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