Opossum Removal

Opossum Removal

Opossums are an unlikely but common wild animal within Southern California, meaning it might not be too surprising to find one situated within your property. While it might be fun to see an opossum at first, it is not so great when it takes place in or around your home. These wild animals often build their homes within an attic, crawl space, shed, or underground area near to humans. Opossums are particularly tricky to get rid of, so contact MR Wildlife Removal for our effective and humane opossum capture and removal services.

MR Wildlife Removal specializes in trapping and removing opossums, in addition to solving future issues with similar animals. Our services provide state-licensed excellence, taking care of safely and securely removing opossums from your property. We provide services within the San Diego and neighboring areas, removing opossums throughout Southern California. Do not put you or your property at risk for harm and contact our professionals for help controlling and removing opossums.

These wild animals are such, and even though they are cute, they still pose a serious threat to you. The immediate threat is not in the animals themselves, as opossums often bare their teeth then play dead. Opossums provide potential health concerns in their constant exposure to diseases and pests. An opossum could carry tuberculosis, fleas, ticks, mites, leptospirosis, and more. Contracting any of these diseases or parasites from an opossum is not worth the benefit of removing them yourself, so it is especially important to leave removal to the professionals.

Opossums often live in quiet and dark spaces, including hard-to-reach spaces under your property. Contacting MR Wildlife Removal means quick work handling and removing opossums, safely and effectively. We trap and remove these animals humanely, in addition to providing services in ensuring your property remains safe long-term, from both diseases and new invading species. A standard service visit could consist of the following:

  • Inspecting the property: our professionals scout out and observe signs of an opossum throughout your property, whether it may be droppings, entrances to a home, or footprints. It is important to ensure that every bit of information we can gather, we do, as the information gathered at first will decide what method of containing and removing opossums will be used.
  • Locating the opossums: gathering signs of opossums is only part of the issue of locating them, as oftentimes they leave their homes to go explore for food. Once our experts locate the actual opossums, we can then begin blocking off alternative entrances and exits, before trapping and removing the animal.
  • Removing the opossums: once opossums are located, our team can get to work setting up humane traps to capture the opossums. Depending on the total number, we may have to wait until the opossums leave during the night, fencing them out of their nest on your property. Our experts can then take the opossums to an environment, both safe and suitable for the animals.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning: during and following the removal of opossums, it is important to remove any potential biohazards left behind. This step may consist of removing opossum droppings, sanitizing areas, or more. While opossums are not affected by most of the viruses they carry, they can still be passed on to you.
  • Preventing future re-entry: removing an opossum is only the first step, as they could theoretically return. Our experts take care of setting up or recommending ways to prevent entry or re-entry from other animals. By sealing off current entrances and protecting future entrances, you can potentially refuse any other invading animal populations from your property. This may be in addition to fixing aspects such as loose garbage or scrapped food outside.

MR Wildlife Removal takes care of all these steps, ensuring a safe and humane removal of an opossum from your property. Remember, it is particularly important to let the professionals handle most, if not all, of this procedure, as it could result in harm to you or the animals. The potential pathogens and larger populations of opossums do not outweigh the benefit of temporarily removing an opossum from your property yourself. That is why our licensed services are available, with the experience and tools to take care of your opossum and other wild animal control problems throughout the San Diego area.

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