Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are Trouble Makers

Virtually every type of wild animal on your property can cause disaster, whether from the potential damage to you and your family, or the potential thousands in property damage and fees. Raccoons are even worse, a common problem throughout San Diego and the surrounding area. MR Wildlife Removal offers humane and effective raccoon removal to help restore your property to the way it was before. Our team uses the newest and most effective ways to carefully remove raccoons from your property and keep them from coming back.

MR Wildlife Removal has the know-how and the tools to safely control and evict raccoons and their families from your property. While many situations result in a need to trap a raccoon, our experts know how to get rid of a raccoon population without traps. Sometimes, you do not need trapping whatsoever to strongly discourage raccoons or other wild populations from returning to your property. However, it is important to remove them quickly as raccoons can quite easily damage property, and quickly at that. That is why our services also provide recommendations to fix damages, including ones that you may not have noticed at first.

Raccoons are incredibly common and adaptable wild animals, just one of the countless reasons why it is important to remove them in your first attempt. Do not be afraid to call our professionals to help rid you of raccoons, as they have no problem exploring and claiming unknown environments. Raccoons can be easily attracted to your property through a countless number of factors, whether there might be food scraps outside or a warm place for a family to stay. In San Diego especially, raccoons are heavily tempted by areas such as attics, with no problems invading your home.

A standard raccoon removal service from MR Wildlife Removal may consist of:

  • Inspecting your property: Our experts look for apparent signs of raccoons, such as footprints, droppings, and damages to your home, in addition to looking for the more nuanced parts, such as a little hidey-hole or protective areas.
  • Locating the raccoon(s): Once we have noticed damages or potential indications of where the raccoon lives, our team will look for the actual animal. However, raccoons often travel in groups, meaning there may be multiple to remove from a property.
  • Removing the animals: Live trapping is often the most effective way to remove a raccoon, as the animals can even be incredibly dangerous to our professionals. In cases with children, we may directly remove the babies for relocation with their parents. Any situation results in the safe removal of the raccoons to a place where they can safely and healthily live.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing: Raccoons have known vectors for deadly infections, such as rabies or hepatitis. As such, it is incredibly important to not only safely handle the animals but also disinfect and clean surfaces where they once were. Our experts use their knowledge and tools to remove all potential hazards and dangerous materials left behind.
  • Preventing re-entry: Lastly, we take care of preventing re-entry into your property, either by sealing the entrances to their home or recommending partial renovations. This is often the most important step, as other wild families may move in, after the raccoons, or they may return in the future.

Our services help not only contain and remove the raccoons from your property but also provide additional support in preventing the populations from returning in the future. MR Wildlife Removal is licensed by the state of California to provide quality services in San Diego and the surrounding areas. It is very pertinent to leave raccoon removal to the professionals however, as previously mentioned, raccoons can be extremely dangerous without the right tools or knowledge. These animals are likely vectors for disease, just an additional danger on top of their generally large traveling groups and unnecessarily sharp claws. 

While MR Wildlife Removal offers services to remove and keep raccoons out of your property, it is important in the meantime to keep your home safe. As such, we have several recommendations, since it can be tricky to prevent a larger raccoon infestation from occurring.

  • Remove food and water sources throughout your property; raccoons commonly scavenge whatever meals or water they can find, meaning that the food scraps you left outside from last week’s dinner may result in a group invading your home.
  • Secure garbage cans or bags; as with the above, raccoons often treat any scraps within garbage as food and can come to rely on your garbage as their food supply. The more the garbage, the more raccoons may be attracted, meaning it is essential to secure garbage.
  • Hire pest control; raccoons’ primary food source is invertebrates, meaning that their potential consumption of your garbage is in addition to eating bugs. It is much harder to deal with pests and a raccoon infestation over one of these, so it is important to work proactively. 

We understand that raccoons can be incredibly annoying, and you might want to take matters into your own hands, but we can help. The idea of raccoons eating your trash and invading your home to live in your attic is nothing you should be excited about, but it is much easier and better in the long run to contact a professional team, such as the one at MR Wildlife Service. It may be fast to buy a trap and attempt to catch a raccoon, but that will not solve the issue. It is important to understand raccoon biology, habitats, diets, and behaviors, in a way that will prevent raccoons from returning.

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