Rats & Mice Control

Rats and mice are some of the filthiest animals out there, and they’re responsible for dozens of diseases. They can spread illnesses like rat-bite fever, hantavirus, salmonella, and more.

Rodent Control -Mice and Rat Removal Problem

Rodents are an especially troublesome group of wild animals, a group which everyone knows you do not want to find within your home. If you can hear scratching, bumping, or gnawing within your property, you likely have a rodent problem, an invasion that might require more than a few traps. Contact MR Wildlife Removal today, a team built around our expert tools and knowledge to get the job done. We offer services throughout the San Diego area, as well as nearby surrounding regions.

While trapping is a common solution to the occasional rat or mouse wandering into your house, an infestation requires a much larger amount of effort. Our services focus on discovering and removing the entirety of a group of rodents, investigating potential prevention measures to stop these, or other, rodents from returning. Rat infestations are unluckily quite common within California, meaning that a small problem might expand rapidly. Rodents such as rats and mice, often scavenge on their own, although discovering a large enough food source or shelter could lead to a large group arriving.

Rodents are easily attracted by food, warm or cool spaces, shelter, or any number of factors, meaning that it is incredibly difficult to reason out why and where a rodent infestation starts. MR Wildlife Removal’s state-licensed professionals move quickly to root out your rodent problem, offering effective, but humane solutions to infestations. With large groups of rodents, it is much easier and more efficient to call the professionals, as our technology tools and knowledge are incredibly useful in taking care of large rodent infestations.

Our team focuses on excluding and sanitizing tactics to rid your property of rodents, although sometimes it may be necessary to utilize traps or cages to remove rats and mice. The most effective solution, in the long run, is to prevent these animals from entering your property in the first place, a feat only achievable with heavy investigation and careful planning. That is why our experts work on sealing entry points and discovering hidden areas which rodents may live in, to flush and seal the rodents out. With the services of MR Wildlife Removal, a one-time visit can end up resulting in a lifetime free of rodent infestations.

A typical service visit may include:

  • Investigating and observing your property: Finding where rodents enter and exit properties is the first step towards restricting and removing their access.
  • Locating the rodents: Determining the current location of rodents is crucial for our team to determine the most effective way to remove and prevent reentry of mice and rats in your property.
  • Removing the invading animals: Our professionals then remove the rodents, whether through making the area uncomfortable for the little creatures, or even temporarily sealing off the area, if all the animals are currently not home. If we cannot remove the animals through prevention, we may result to humane traps to contain the rodents. Afterward, our experts relocate the animals to a safe setting where they will not attempt to revisit your property.
  • Disinfecting biohazards: Rats and mice are notoriously common carriers for diseases and parasites, even including rabies or bubonic plague. These rodents also leave small and frequent droppings around their nesting areas. We use advanced cleaning and removal techniques to remove the possibility of sickness or potential danger.
  • Preventing re-entry: Lastly, our experts block off the current entrance to the animals’ nesting area, while also stopping potential entrances which the team would have located during their investigation of your property. This step most often prevents returning rodents, as well as other animals looking for a new nest.

It is important to leave the work to the professionals, since achieving success in preventing rodents from returning is notably difficult. Success involves eliminating access points for rats, mice, and other creatures, as well as removing shelter and getting rid of current rodents living within your property. MR Wildlife Removal uses a multi-tactic approach to best decrease the risk of future infestations.

We are proud to offer removal and control services for rodents, to ensure that they are humanely and effectively removed and prevented from your property. MR Wildlife Removal works to provide the highest licensed services for the San Diego area, and our professional team offers much more in addition to rodent removal services.

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