Skunk Removal

Humane Skunk Removal

There are two species of skunks living in California, both of which can cause lots of property damage if not taken care of. Invading populations of skunks can leave hundreds of 1-3 inch tunnels across your yard or property, along with the chance of leaving incredibly foul-smelling liquids. It is important to seek help when taking care of skunks, since with the wrong techniques, you risk the chance of being attacked or sprayed by skunks, in addition to potentially attracting even more. MR Wildlife Removal offers professional skunk removal services, built around removing these stinky animals from your property, safely and humanely.

We offer control and removal services to exclude and keep skunks and other animals away from your property. When not taken care of correctly, skunks can move further into your property. Skunks are not very social animals, preferring to keep to themselves, although during cold weather, a population may move in together. These wild animals use dens left by other animals or create their own for year-round usage. They might even take over porch or patio spaces, in addition to any shelter they might find within buildings. 

MR Wildlife Removal provides state-licensed control and removal services within San Diego and neighboring areas, focusing on effective and humane trapping and removal. Our services work with the most effective control and removal techniques available, whether trapping and removing troublesome skunks or removing entrances. It is important to leave this work to the professionals, as skunks can be surprisingly dangerous. These wild animals have their notorious sprays, as well as some small but sharp claws which can deal damage to you and your property very quickly.

A standard service visit to remove skunks might consist of:

  • Inspecting your property: one of the first things our experts do is inspect your property for signs of a skunk, including potential damages. We may look for droppings, apparent holes, entrances, and attractors for skunks. Our team gathers as much information as possible before deciding on the best course of action.
  • Locating the skunks: the next step follows the skunks, to see their most common pathways and determine if there are any additional skunks. Our experts use this information to begin blocking off entrances and determining the best placement for traps or seals.
  • Capturing and removing the skunks: once the skunks are located, MR Wildlife Removal sets traps, repellents, or blocks off entrances to lead the skunk into the open. Once trapped, we take precautions to prevent any noxious sprays and relocate the skunk to an acceptable location. It is important to leave this to us, as skunks are protected animals under California law, meaning that without permission from a state department, removing a skunk is a crime.
  • Disinfecting and removing biohazards: not only can skunks create a mess with their sprays, but they can also transmit deadly animal viruses. While these do not often spread to humans, they are very contagious among animals. These can range from rabies to parasites, so our experts use the latest techniques and tools to clean up these dangers.
  • Preventing re-entry/future entry: the most important step is preventing re-entry, as removed skunks can likely relocate to their previous home. By blocking off and protecting your property from their past entrances, MR Wildlife Removal can keep you safe from skunks in the long run. In addition to preventing skunks from returning, these precautions, from repellents to blocking off entrances, can prevent other animals from making their homes there.

It is particularly important to let the professionals at MR Wildlife Removal take care of these skunks, as attempting to do so, by yourself, could result in a terrible smell or even bodily harm. Our experts make sure to relocate these skunks harmlessly and legally, into an area where they will be safe and away from human properties. We will also take care of reinforcing your property’s entrances for these animals, to hopefully prevent any future animals from taking advantage. Remember, skunks often use other animals’ homes in addition to making their own, meaning our services could save you the trouble of having to deal with two invading species.

No matter what the skunk situation, MR Wildlife Removal is the team to call, with licensed services to get the job done. Our experts understand that removing the animal is not the only step, which is why we will often take care of securing precautions for the future. We have the experience and tools to remove invasive wild animals throughout San Diego and beyond, and we will take care of your skunk issues.

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