Squirrel Removal

Humane Squirrel Removal

One of the most common wild animals throughout urban areas and suburban areas within the country, not just San Diego exclusively, is the gray squirrel. Squirrels are incredibly persistent and adaptable, meaning an improper attempt at removing a population may result in new or furthered damages, just one reason why the species is one of the most common to be removed. MR Wildlife Removal offers specialized services to control and remove invading squirrel species from your property, humanely and efficiently preventing them from returning to their homes within your property.

Unfortunately, roof infestations from squirrels and the like, are incredibly common within Southern California, meaning that you’re likely one of many homeowners with invading squirrels. Contrary to what many believe, it’s incredibly easy for small animals to invade households, and incredibly difficult to effectively and permanently remove them from your property.

Our services focus on locating, removing, and then preventing wildlife, such as squirrels, from reentering your property. You don’t want to go home to find squirrels living within your property space, as one squirrel often leads to more in the future. MR Wildlife Removal offers complete control and removal services within San Diego and surrounding counties, professionally removing these common animals from your property.

A routine control and removal service for squirrels might consist of the following:

  • Inspecting your property: The first step for any invasion is to look for easily noticeable points. Whether it may be apparent holes in property lines or houses, we’ll start with the obvious, gradually moving to look for less obvious signs.
  • Locating the squirrels: Once the animals are located, either by tracking one, or viewing possible entry points, our experts can take care of removing the animal problem.
  • Removing the animals: Our experts carefully remove squirrels, whether with traps or dispersion techniques, before taking care of their lasting problems.
  • Looking for, and removing, potential biohazards: While often not as infectious as many other wild species, squirrels still could cause lasting damage with diseases or parasites left behind. 
  • Preventing re-entry: The last step is to prevent squirrel populations from reentering, whether with mechanical blockages or through renovations to fix problems. This step might even be as short as moving open food sources.

MR Wildlife Removal provides licensed services, removing squirrels, securing repairs, cleaning up and disinfecting potential biohazards, as well as restoring potential damages. It’s important to contact us to let our professionals take care of invading animals, as attempting to do so yourself, without the proper equipment or knowledge can result in further infestations or even harm. That’s why we encourage using our state-licensed control and removal services to rid your property of invading squirrels.

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